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Trying to find my path through the scary jungle of software engineering.

comment How to Code Faster (Without Sacrificing Quality)
Is this story true or just a thought experiment? Unless it is tested I wouldn't buy it as example.
comment Most recent vs Most used
Indeed work at this sphere has a big plus because lab staff is quite educated and can give really useful guidance. I worked on a quite small internal system at marketing/sales shop before this project and most of the time I had really bad suggestions from the users even the ceo.
comment Most recent vs Most used
Yes I agree that the debate was quite a waste of time. I will update the question and remove the full story and leave only arguments aginst one or another. Though asking users at this time won't work because they can't use the product yet. But yes we can implement whichever and then after product is deployed we can ask if they like or not and then if they don't we can simply change implementation which is actually very short.
comment What were the reasons why Windows never had a decent shell?
@JerryCoffin, it probably depends for how long you were in this industry. I'm just starting here so I am quite happy with all this great software which was given for me. There is place for big improvements but it always will be.