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comment How to improve typing skills for a developer
Huge +1. You may not necessarily type faster with dvorak, but you will definitely be more comfortable typing and will reduce the likeliness of RSI. Also, check out Colemak, it can be a less radical change.
comment Why is C not considered an 'object-oriented' language?
"the object-oriented approach encourages the programmer to place data where it is not directly accessible by the rest of the program" -> C structs can do this, with opaque pointers. The APR library does this constantly.
comment How to cope with the problem of (compiling) a large code base?
Another cheap solution is to compile in a tmpfs. Can greatly increase performance if the compilation process is IO-bound.
comment Are all dirty fixes created equal?
if(input == 39.5). That in itself is a WTF.
comment git for personal (one-man) projects. Overkill?
Git is in many ways better for all projects, whether they have a large numbers of contributors or not : git compresses stuff much, much more efficiently than svn (and is order of magnitudes faster!), git makes backups trivial, and git will not be an obstacle if someone else wants to contribute.