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Software Engineer in a Scottish software company

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    comment Newbie question about Decorator design pattern
    The edit would just be to remove the greeting in general. It's not standard SO/SE protocol to use one in questions [don't worry, we don't think it rude to jump straight into the question]
    comment When you use inheritance to reuse code, do you find it too tricky that it swallows the benifits of reuse?
    You know you can prevent overloading of specific methods? Mark it as final [if you're using java]. This effectively makes it non-virtual, and it cannot be overloaded. Perfect for use in this circumstance [template pattern]
    comment Does work experience gained while waiting to join a company, count?
    From the point of view of future employment, as long as he can say that he learnt from the experience [and potentially be able to say what he learnt], then the work was worthwhile. I'm looking at this - in the scope of work experience - from his point of view, not other people's. Also, the expectations placed on graduates aren't the same as those of people with experience.