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In my professional life, I'm a development manager for a Telecoms company in the UK. I manage a team of 4 developers and we build IVR based applications.

Outside of that, I'm a member of a carnival club in Somerset (UK)... every year in November we have carnival processions of huge illuminated carnival floats running off a 800KVA generator with around 11,000 GLS light bulbs on it drawing around 2200amps.... and it's my job to wire the damn thing up!!

comment How do I decide what type of programmer I want to be?
I'm a development manager, and it's true that I get the blame for things that go wrong, that's called responsibility. However, you also get a huge amount of praise when things go right. When a project is launched and work well, your proud of your team and it's a great feeling. A development manager is a very satisfying job.