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comment Returning from a long function on the first false condition
Agreed @John Kraft. The 'no multiple returns' thing usually leads to extra code complexity -- the reader of the code has to keep oodles of indentation levels straight in his head. Returning as soon as you know you can return is simple, unambiguous, and highly informative.
comment How do you incorporate GTD into your daily programming tasks?
Your first point is super important: you can have the most kickass system imaginable but if you don't have the notebook, or whatever, to write in, it's the same as having no system.
comment What is the best advice to give someone in this industry who resists change?
You've replaced a blind reverence for change with a blind reverence for stasis. True, it's possible that the old guy is "quietly evaluating things all the time" but for every one of those I've met there's been ten "I don't want to do anything I haven't been doing for twenty years" types.