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  1. Lists in a list item:
    • Indented four spaces.
      • indented eight spaces.
    • Four spaces again.
  2. Multiple paragraphs in a list items: It's best to indent the paragraphs four spaces You can get away with three, but it can get confusing when you nest other things. Stick to four.

    We indented the first line an extra space to align it with these paragraphs. In real use, we might do that to the entire list so that all items line up.

    This paragraph is still part of the list item, but it looks messy to humans. So it's a good idea to wrap your nested paragraphs manually, as we did with the first two.

  3. Blockquotes in a list item:

Skip a line and indent the >'s four spaces.

  1. Preformatted text in a list item:

    Skip a line and indent eight spaces.
    That's four spaces for the list
    and four to trigger the code block.

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