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I'm a self-taught developer living in the Tampa Bay area who has mainly spent his career as the one-man "IT Guy" so I have a broader knowledge of business and software than the average developer.

I use C# and dabble in Ruby on Rails with the hopes of making a full-time transition someday. I've spent a lot of time reading and following blogs from some of the best .NET developers to broaden my knowledge and understanding of software engineering, but the reality is that the majority of jobs around here don't know or care about "best practices" or software engineering or things like SOLID or unit testing and so much of what I read about remains theory as I don't have the opportunity to introduce these concepts in the workplace without stepping on toes. I would kill for a job utilizing Ruby on Rails that wouldn't mind the fact I'm still learning the thing (and have been for years now) or a .NET job using all the "Alt.Net" stack (e.g. MVC, NHibernate, testing, SOLID principles).

My ultimate goal is to become a Business/Systems Analyst or technical-oriented Project Manager and move into technology management (talking Manager/Director/VP/CIO level) where I can focus on the high-level analysis and design of software instead of low-level implementation details, as I've found that the high-level architectural planning and overall system design is my strong point (i.e. I am fluent in both Geek and Business speak) compared to the "heads-down" development, where my self-taught nature often causes me to struggle with implementation problems.

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