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I'm working on creating my own film production company, but the problem is that interferes too much with another passion: ballroom dancing. (I just love a good tango!) I'm a writer, but also have done programming and other types of work.

comment Is it normal to think about a design problem for days with no code written?
I didn't think this was worth a separate answer, so I'm commenting. I'm self taught and retired from my own software based company, based on my own software. I learned the hard way many times over, since I often had to solve problems right NOW rather than taking time to take a class. And one of the biggest lessons I learned was that the more time I took to think the problem over, the less time I spent programming it. A few extra days of planning could save weeks of coding.
comment “Release Early Release Often” for Android and iPhone Apps
I have to back this up. I haven't been developing for a year or so and won't be actively developing anything for another 6-12 months. It's amazing how your point of view can change. When I see apps on my Droid that have updates every week or two, I start wondering why they need that - They can't be adding new features that quickly, so just how buggy is that code they release so quickly? And, honestly, it's a major PITA to keep updating. I've stopped using apps (even ones I've paid for) and switched to others if I had to update an app too often.
comment What should be done with code that has reached end of life?
@jwenting: Then that gives you the answer.
comment How do I cope with programming insomnia?
@Joel Etherton: I agree about TV not being the best on the eyes, and that's also why I read less now. Often TV isn't good, since it makes it hard to sleep for some people, but it's also much more passive and still occupies the brain. Another possibility, which is a favorite of mine, is listening to old time radio shows. They hold your attention, require imagination, and you can listen in the dark. (There are thousands of them at archive.org.)
comment Beginning Perl?
When I was starting my business (after not touching a line of code in something like 15 years), I already had code in TCL and was scared of Perl because of some comments a friend made. I was broke and saw "Learning Perl" (2nd Edition) for $9 at Barnes & Noble and bought it. Within an hour of getting home, I was writing Perl programs and within 3 hours I had decided to re-write all my TCL code in Perl, even though I knew it'd take 2 weeks. (It was the best decision I made during my startup time.)