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I've been a professional software developer focused mainly on JEE since 2005. I graduated from Penn State with a degree in Information Sciences and Technology. I formerly worked for RedHat Consulting on JBoss. Currently I work for Navteq's Traffic Processing Division.

comment Does profiling without benchmarking lead to micro-optimization?
This works in more than just single threaded scenarios. Take a java container and execute a thread dump. If 20 of 23 threads are waiting on a lock chances are that lock is your problem.
comment Automatic source code generation — good idea or potential nightmare?
isn't that what I said - attach the source.
comment Automatic source code generation — good idea or potential nightmare?
Attach the source, but generated code should be bug free. If you find a problem with the generated source then you need fix your generator.
comment Standardization across an organization: Good or Bad?
I believe the IDE should be the developers choice, but that if they choose to buck an existing standard(in your case choosing not to upgrade to 2010) that any change overhead be incurred by them. I ran into something similiar(though with less headache because of the nature of java vs .net) where I preferred intellij over eclipse. So I took it upon myself to make sure my use of intellij didn't impact my eclipse teammates(used eclipse formatters, etc.). However some developers still took an ill shine to to fact that I wasn't using the company mandated IDE.