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comment My Dad is impatient with the pace of my learning to program. What do I do?
Probably the best answer in all this thread...
comment How do you maximise the knowledge that you gain from a programming book?
All programming books these days towards the end come up with a short project. Doing that is biggest benchmark anyone can have of themselves to track the progress.
comment Is it just me or is this a baffling tech interview question?
You probably should have replied with an even more cryptic answer to this.
comment What makes the difference between “Hire” and an honest “almost” for final on-site interviews?
Nope. Amazon doesn't give feedback nor does MSFT. I have had similar experiences. Google does give a thorough feedback though when you go in house interview. I also have the same experience of failing in all the big 3 in-houses. The knowledge I have gained from them is quite significant. In addition to your skill set and your performance it attributes to some stroke of luck too. Improve your skill-set and take the battle again and always remember Robert Bruce and the spider :D
comment How to effectively find, hire and work with contractors?
Well how about creating a development activity of that sort. Shortlist a handful now a days there is skype and other screen sharing stuff ask them to code something so you can find out for sure. Screen sharing is something which is picking up for creating interviews these days.
comment git / other VCS - how often to commit?
thats what Squash is for!
comment How can I get started writing code?
I thought programmers is for asking questions of this sort?
comment Why do organizations limit source code access to engineers?
It's called code for a reason :)
comment Should I go to a job interview even though I know I won't get it?
I think you should take a shot at it. most of the interviews focus on the approach you take to solve the problem rather than the end result. Even though in worst case you might not be able to convert the document there will be plenty of points given to you to see how you approach the situation. I think they will also give you a nudge in case you get stuck.
comment Tips for phone interviews
@Neil Drinking coffee helps though :)
comment Feeling well out of my depth
I was about to type the same thing as John Bode, Picking up new skills quickly is something which defines a software developer! All challenges are quite intimidating first two years down the lane if you look back @ this issue it will be nothing compared to what you might be working on then! Take a breath, Have some coffee and nail it down! Cheers!
comment How to teach your users/customers to send better error descriptions
use a logging framework like log4net or log4j!
comment Teaching programming, quickly to those adults that haven't programmed
You meant for teaching perspective or was it intended for me?