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Middle-aged developer who remembers the thrill of developing on 24x80 dumb tubes.

[Update, 7/15/11] On the assumption that people will be coming here to find out what particular flavor of idiot I am, I have a master's degree in Computer Science from UNC-Chapel Hill and I've been either a software developer or in grad school since 1983. I've coded in Z-80 machine language, TRS-80 BASIC, COBOL, PL/1, Pascal, FORTRAN-77, LINC, ALGOL-68, C/C++, emacs LISP, Eiffel, Prolog, Perl, Java, C# and VB.NET and then the homework assignments and little utilities and experiments in a variety of other languages.

The language I would really, really like to grok these days is Haskell. Someday, I'll get past monads.

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