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My name is Etienne Savard. I'm a software engineer leaving near Montreal, Quebec, Canada. I like to spent my free time (free as in free speech) with my 3 wonderful children and my wife when I'm not toying with Open Source projects (my own or other's).

I'm particularly interested by Software Engineering (C, C++, Qt, Ruby, Rails, Android), Agile methodologies and, of course, by Open Source Software.

My tools of choice are Open Source software and Open Source standards. I'm a Linux advanced user and, even though I'm not a sysadmin, I'm at ease with a terminal window.

My Open Source contributions

Below is list of all my contributions in the Open Source Community (excluding the projects hosted on my website) :

  • Open BRR (Business Readiness Rating) : translation of the RFC to French;
  • Producing Open Source Software : translation of the book to French (on going);
  • Member of Ubuntu French Canadian Translators : translation to French using Launchpad (on going);
  • NetBeans Community Contributor : plugin verifier team (I resigned when Oracle started a law suit against Google over Android).
  • My own Open Source projects --> http://symbiosoft.net .