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Functional programmer, PhD in computer science, and quantitative finance developer. I've been programming Haskell for 14 years now. I write trading software for Standard Chartered. Views expressed are my own.

Co-author of the book, Real World Haskell, and of the xmonad window manager. I founded the Haskell Platform project and wrote the bytestring and binary libraries for Haskell. I'm interested in building great software, type-driven compiler optimizations and high-performance data structures.

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comment How were some language communities (eg, Ruby and Python) able to prevent fragmentation while others (eg, Lisp or ML) were not?
@Shurane Python and Ruby don't type check your packages before integration...
comment What functionality does dynamic typing allow?
Your membrane is an 'interface' and the types of the objects are "existentially typed" -- that is, we know they exist under the interface, but that's all we know. Existential types for data abstraction have been known since the 80s. A good ref is cs.cmu.edu/~rwh/plbook/book.pdf chapter 21.1