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I am a computer geek with interest in Java, C#, and Apache Solr, business models, visualization and whatever else catches my fancy.

I wrote a book on Solr: http://bit.ly/ZPSSt4 and maintain useful Solr resources at http://www.solr-start.com/

comment What were the “core” API packages of Java 1.0?
Don't remember about v1 final, but alpha3 (as in v1alpha3) had a lot more packages before v1beta2 (can't remember beta1) came out. Specifically, they had FTP packages in public API because alpha3 was still Solaris only and used Solaris libraries for that. I remember throwing a lot of paper manuals that were so - hopelessly - wrong suddenly. Oh, and I was doing Java on a Mac!!!
comment How can I transition to a job using the Microsoft stack?
@Keyo, Atlassian advertised through SO Careers and they are good place to work (different skills though). Never say never. SO Careers is a new project as well.
comment Perception of a developer that uses a pre-packaged web implementation for their personal site?
Couldn't you have contributed to somebody else's open source project instead? This way your learning would have been useful for others too. Or do something nobody else tried before. Not trying to be snarky here, but I am really puzzled by why you thought reinventing the wheel was the best thing here.
comment Do you still panic when you see a stack dump? Why?
Whole JVM. I would ask a customer to take 3-5 thread dumps 30 seconds apart. The load on VM is not that great and I get enough information to do both deadlocks and live locks. For deadlocks specifically, I wrote some software that would show circular dependencies. It was especially nice when it would show 3 or 4 threads pointing at each other in a circle. Very hard to spot that one by eye-balling the 15 pages of thread dumps.
comment Do you still panic when you see a stack dump? Why?
I used to work as senior support engineer for BEA. Java stack traces were often the only information I would get from customer's production system failing. I relied on them so much that I built a tool to parse and visualize the stack traces. Deadlocks and even livelocks troubleshooting became so much easier with that. I talked about that at JavaOne some years ago.