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First the serious things: I love MSX computers and the old classic Renault Twingo (the 1993-2007 series; the current model is as boring as all other cars).

And now the boring stuff. I am a telecommunication engineer working as a software developer, mainly (actually almost all) in C#. I have done a lot of Windows Forms development in the past, but now I am more in the Silverlight arena.

When I have free time I like When I had free time I liked to program my MSX Turbo-R in Z80 assembler. In fact I have even developed a full TCP/IP sack for MSX (the source code is available, feel free to take a look!), which I presented as my final project in the university, with quite good results.

Last but not least, the boy in the avatar is my son Kaito. He is so cute that sometimes I just can't stop kissing him.

PS. Feel free to contact me at:
konamiman (at) konamiman (dot) com

answered A “Composite API” layer
comment What is the best design decision approach?
That's it. In the end the question when doing a design decision should always be, "What will be easier to read?" (or "What would another person find easier to understans?" if you want)
comment What do you deliver in the first couple of iterations in Agile?
+1 for the last paragraph - it is a good idea to start development with a prototype intended for user validation.
comment How to develop an app for a smartphone to access a web app?
I wouldn't even take seriously anyone that nowadays has the guts to develop a IE-only web application.
comment How much freedom should a programmer have in choosing a language and framework?
Consider yourself lucky. You are "forced" to develop using ASP.NET MVC, which is a great and very developer-friendly technology. If you had to use WebForms instead, you would be thinking of committing suicide by now.
comment How to suggest changes as a recently-hired employee?
Realizing that there are still software developmente companies that don't use any version control system whatsoever makes me lose faith in humanity...
comment Difference between various Collection Generic Interfaces in C#
+1, but I would add that in the rare cases where you actually need the to pass a list to a method, you should use IList rather than List in the method declaration.
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comment Prevent code from getting mess
VB6? In 2013? OMG...
comment Is writing your own Data Access / Data Mapping Layer a “good” idea?
Why not write your own language? Your own framework? Your own operating system? And to be sure you're in control of everything, it's also a good idea to create your own hardware That's what Apple said :-)
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comment How does if/else work internally in all programming languages?
I think that many programmers would be scared if they looked at how assembly language works :-)
comment Should I still use Debug.Assert today?
It is worth to mention that generating code with Visual Studio in release mode will cause all calls to methods of the Debug class to be skipped from compilation... so suppressing calls to Assert simply for performance is not just premature optimization, it is a plain nonsense.
comment When do you use a struct instead of a class?
@mike The "structs are for data" idea probably comes from the habit acquired by many years of C programming. C has no classes and its structs are data-only containers.
comment What questions do you ask about a company before deciding to work there?
+1. And regardless of all other answers, if the answer to "which source control system do you use" is "none"... RUN FORREST, RUN!!
comment for vs. foreach vs. LINQ
I would run as fast as I can from someone that tells me that the for-for-if version is more readable than the intersect version.
answered If you had to teach professional development to students that just graduated school, what would be the topics?
comment Ternary operator considered harmful?
I will summon Paracelso and his "Nothing is poision and everything is poison, the difference is in the dose" here. Your example is a perfect case of a poisonous dose.
comment Resources on learning to program in machine code?
I do program in assembler in my free time, but for Z80, which is a relatively simple processor. I find it funny and I don't consider myself a masochistic.
comment How do you keep track of the meaning of your SQL fields?
Hungarian notation for database tables and columns?? No thanks. That would make a very funny code when you try to use an ORM tool, unless you want to manually rename ALL the table-class and field-property mappings.