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First the serious things: I love MSX computers and the old classic Renault Twingo (the 1993-2007 series; the current model is as boring as all other cars).

And now the boring stuff. I am a telecommunication engineer working as a software developer, mainly (actually almost all) in C#. I have done a lot of Windows Forms development in the past, but now I am more in the Silverlight arena.

When I have free time I like When I had free time I liked to program my MSX Turbo-R in Z80 assembler. In fact I have even developed a full TCP/IP sack for MSX (the source code is available, feel free to take a look!), which I presented as my final project in the university, with quite good results.

Last but not least, the boy in the avatar is my son Kaito. He is so cute that sometimes I just can't stop kissing him.

PS. Feel free to contact me at:
konamiman (at) konamiman (dot) com

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