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comment How does understanding computer architecture help a programmer?
An even more fundamental example of how understaning computer architecture can affect the way you code plays out in the way people (should) select data types.
comment Programming style in Perl
I've never found Perl to be a bad career option. Find a local Perl Mongers group, and odds are that at nearly every meeting someone will mention Perl job openings.
comment Programming style in Perl
Perl is a robust and complete programming language. It can be used for scripting (automating interaction with other applications including the shell), or for building utilities, or even for larger scale applications. The Perl hatred tends to focus on things like its dense syntax, and to some degree, on a misunderstanding of the fact that Perl doesn't attempt to force specific design patterns on its users. I use Perl every day. I also use other languages frequently. I enjoy Perl's expressiveness and power. Get past the awkward learning stage and chances are you'll love it too.
comment How can I unit-test my REST web service?
In the code you posted, the things to test are: (1) Can you call GetCustomer with an int as a parameter. (2) Does it return a CustomerDTO object? (3) Is that object populated from the DB as expected. (4) Does an expected behavior occur if called with an int that doesn't correspond to a valid customer? None of that has to do with REST yet. When you are ready to write the code that responds to RESTful requests, then you'll write tests for it.
comment Becoming a polyglot programmer
This is a great answer. The important thing is to learn concepts and paradigms well enough that one can implement them (to the extent it's possible) irrespective of the language of implementation.