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Marketer, Sales, Product Manager. For Hire: d@mesoconcepts.com

I help startups refine their marketing to attract more clients and grow faster.

What I can do for you in a nutshell:

  • Find, cold-call, and close early adopters to sketch out a minimum viable product.

  • Provide insights on your audience through direct interactions, surveys, and analytics.

  • Generate more qualified leads by identifying and activating untapped growth opportunities.

  • Activate more leads and convert more prospects by refining your marketing copy.

  • Fine-tune and automate your sales process by setting up A/B tests and transactional emails.

  • Make your product engage and retain more users by improving its UI/UX and usability.

  • Amplify your revenue per client by spotting occasions to up-sell, cross-sell, and repeat-sell.

  • Grow your business in Europe by trail blazing new direct and indirect sales channels.

I’m currently open for a position in marketing, sales, or product management. I'm also available for consulting arrangements.

Schedule a chat (d@mesoconcepts.com) if any the above is of general interest to you, and we’ll discuss how we can make your business sell more with less selling.

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