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Marketer, Sales, Growth Hacker. For Hire: d@mesoconcepts.com

I help startups and small business owners refine their marketing to attract more customers and grow faster.

What I can do for you in a nutshell:

  • Find and close early adopters without a product as we identify a minimum viable one.

  • Provide insights on your audience through direct interactions, surveys, and analytics.

  • Generate more qualified leads by spotting untapped growth opportunities.

  • Make your message more convincing by improving your marketing copy.

  • Fine-tune your sales process by leveraging email auto-responders and A/B tests.

  • Make your product engage and retain more users by coming up with ways to improve it.

  • Amplify your revenue by finding opportunities to up-sell, cross-sell, and repeat-sell.

  • Negotiate and close complex deals with prospects and partners small and large.

Day to day, I’m able to draw on a broad range of in-depth IT skills. These foster my taste for data-driven decisions, and enable me to roll up my sleeves as needed to:

  • Design and develop growth hacks or applications using software best practices.

  • Engineer a database that scales to massive quantities of data and throughput levels.

This expertise also lets me quickly communicate on the nerdiest of topics with teams of engineers, and efficiently manage an interdisciplinary team.

I’m open for a position in marketing and sales in addition to consulting arrangements.

Schedule a chat (d@mesoconcepts.com) if any the above is of general interest to you, and we’ll discuss action steps that we can take to make your business grow faster.