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Currently open for work opportunities.

I’m a marketer and growth hacker gifted with in-depth IT skills.

At home with engineering as much as I am with sales, I can lead an interdisciplinary team to execute every step towards launching, growing, and managing a product.

Colorful highlights in my career to date include:

  • Being put in charge, as an intern at an SDSL startup, of designing a carrier’s network.
  • Turning a personal blog into a 4,000-customer strong business while globe trotting.

Operating as a consultant, I’ve a knack for spotting untapped markets and sales channels with high potential, as well for distilling raw data into actionable metrics. This enables me to rapidly articulate focused and practical steps, as well as strategic insights, which help businesses cut costs and amplify revenue.

Full CV upon request: d at mesoconcepts.com.