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Growth Hacker for Hire: d@mesoconcepts.com

I help startups and small business owners get more growth by attracting and closing more customers.

In a nutshell, I refine their marketing to deliver a better message to more qualified leads; put the spotlight on referral generation, user activation, and user retention; and set up actionable metrics to optimize each of these activities.

In more practical terms, I make them collect user data using direct interactions, surveys, and analytics; spot high potential niche markets and sales channels based on this data; optimize their conversion funnels using A/B tests; and automate their sales process using drip emails, transactional emails, and whatever else moves the needle most.

A highlight in my career to date has been to turn a personal blog into a thriving software business. I had the privilege of working at the side of renowned marketers while doing so. Most businesses can benefit from applying the insights I’ve picked up then and since.

I’m open for a position as a marketing or product manager in addition to consulting work.

Get in touch if any of the above is of general interest to you, and we'll discuss how I can help you amplify your revenue.

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