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comment How can I write unit tests that simplify feature implementation?
I have to agree with Warbo here. Tests are only because of what they tell you about the state of your main code base. If your tests are using different code then what exactly are they testing? How is this useful for your project?
comment Are deadlines Agile?
The thing with Black Friday sales is that it's a marketing attempt to create a false scarcity of time and product in order to get people to behave irrationally and buy things that they otherwise wouldn't. This example of induced irrational behavior doesn't seem to be all that different to some approaches to software project management. In arguing that creating false scarcities of time with software is not a good idea, I'm not saying that real scarcities of time are impossible because they obviously are in some contexts (and are crucial at that).
comment Every function is a closure?
In the c++ example where you have (test == test) did you mean to write (test == test2)?
comment Why doesn't Python just establish a format for declaring tab widths?
In vim I do the following when editing python in my .vimrc file: :set expandtab to make pressing the tab key create spaces and :set tabstop=4 to make each time I press the tab key make 4 spaces. For emacs: Other editors will let you do the same, you just need to find out how, but in any case if you are using any sort of a good IDE there's no reason that you need to be pressing the space 4 times in a row.
comment The “blub paradox” and c++
@Mike: very entertaining links you posted, I had a good laugh while reading them.