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Mathematician currently trying to improve programming skills in order to write some better combinatorial optimization code.

My main experience is in c++ and python. I am currently learning more about hardware and embedded systems.

Try swapping your caps-lock and ctrl keys!

comment Why doesn't Python just establish a format for declaring tab widths?
In vim I do the following when editing python in my .vimrc file: :set expandtab to make pressing the tab key create spaces and :set tabstop=4 to make each time I press the tab key make 4 spaces. For emacs: emacswiki.org/emacs/NoTabs. Other editors will let you do the same, you just need to find out how, but in any case if you are using any sort of a good IDE there's no reason that you need to be pressing the space 4 times in a row.
comment The “blub paradox” and c++
@Mike: very entertaining links you posted, I had a good laugh while reading them.