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I'm a professional software developer building desktop application software and websites based on Drupal and Zend Framework. I am strong in several languages, including Delphi, PHP and Javascript...but I've been at this long enough that I am conversant in a bunch of other languages.

For a good time, I cook. I've been cooking for years, professionally around the time of going to college, for the love of it since I was a kid. I am a software designer by day, but kitchen nut by night. I'm currently learning to cook using Indian spices.

My project is cookloose.com. My goal is to have a place where brand new people can come to learn how to cook the basics. There are lots of places to get details (including here) but very few places that assume you know nothing about cooking at all. I want to help the people who would like to learn to cook, but are too overwhelmed by all the foodie stuff in the world to think that they can ever be "good enough" to cook.

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comment Career advice: stay with PHP or start a new career in something else ( .Net?)
Since it is your second language then you are doing fine. Obviously have someone check your resume just to be sure, but I know that if I had to do my comments in French, say, it wouldn't be as lucid and well phrased as yours has been in English. Wasn't being snarky, just trying to be helpful. There are any number of Americans who don't bother with their spelling and grammar and it hurts them in the market.
answered Career advice: stay with PHP or start a new career in something else ( .Net?)