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I am a Senior Consultant designing and building applications in .NET and surrounding technologies with a concentration in the following: C#/VB.NET, ASP.NET/MVC, Web API/WCF, JavaScript/TypeScript, EF, and SQL Server placing an emphasis on OOP, Architecture, and Design.

I thoroughly enjoy Microsoft development technologies and have been a proponent of their languages and platforms since I began work as an engineer 13+ years ago, and prior to that as an avid user.

comment What is a Non-Functional Requirement?
Oh goodness I apologize. When I posted, I didn't see anything related on the right-hand side, nor with a Google search picking up those forum threads. That was helpful, thanks.
comment Why do I need unit tests for testing repository methods?
+1 for the sarcasm to keep things light from time to time
comment Why do I need unit tests for testing repository methods?
Yes thank you for the quick response I appreciate it. My only critique of the response is it falls into the concern of my last paragraph. My opposition will still just hear abstract explanations and definitions and not some deeper reasoning. For example, could you provide reasoning applied to my use case of testing the stored procedure/DB in relation to my code and why unit tests are still valuable in reference to this particular use case?
comment Can I apply SOLID concepts to entire solution designs rather than just the internal components?
Thank you - does your experience show that creating a service like mycompany.com/api/[everyMethodPossible] is an output of good software design or not? To me using SOLID principals applied to this use case indicates the answer is 'no'. Doing everything in a single container is a recipe for bad software. However I'm not 100% clear and thus my question here. Thank you for your help.
comment Best practice on if/return
I disagree based on the ability to not have all concerned logic in question in a concise & deterministic block. The focus is on manipulating the myString value & the code succeeding the if block is the resulting logic if the string != null. Therefore since the focus is on the additional logic manipulating that specific value I think it should be encapsulated in an else block. Otherwise this opens up potential as I showed to unintentionally separate the logic & introduce unintended consequences. Might not happen all the time, but this really was a best practice opinion style question.
comment Should a c# dev switch to VB.net when the team language base is mixed?
VB.NET does not have iterators either (i.e. Yield keyword in C#).