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comment Dollar Sign Blues: Javascript and PHP
@ChrisSchiffhauer Unfortunately I work in academia where complete and utter isolation is the name of the game. I would have to schedule a meeting with a colleague in order to last out, and that would take away the spontaneity of it all.
comment “I”, “We”, or Neither in code documentation
I think my example was too simplistic, because indeed "the reason this was done" doesn't add anything. But there are cases when a tricky situation requires some explanation, and in that case, I find it more natural to use "we" or "I", just as I used "I" several times in this comment. But I think your answer is clear in spirit: "declarative" suggests: use the least amount of words that get the point across clearly.
comment Should I fix small issues or let them go?
@Birfl, yes but the question is asked on a programming site, and therefore the "cost of living with it" that's being discussed is specific to programming. This is a practical problem faced by many programmers. I don't see why it would closed as not constructive. Let's not confuse the philosophical side of the question, with the fact that it's also very practical and has many practical answers (as you see below).
comment Is possible to write too many asserts?
Good answer. I also added a description to the question of how I improve readability with Emacs.
comment Use the terms “vector” or “array” in high level discussion of C++ code
I'm not sure why but I thought of "array" as a more universally known term, but you might be right on this. Thanks +1