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comment How to learn Cloud Computing and Big Data at home?
"ass buzzwords often do"? :)
comment When is unit testing inappropriate or unnecessary?
dude, you speak my mind and my experience exactly. Recently I just bite the bullet and wrote mock object for some legacy API for my unit tests because it takes about 10 minute to upload my code to server, deploy and test.
comment Is it possible to speed-read code well?
You probably want to tell us the language you are using too. Different language may have different technique :)
comment How do I approach a coworker about his or her code quality?
Me too, I'm sometimes the guy producing poor quality code not because I don't care but because of constraints like this one time I was the only developer doing 3 developers' work. I did went back to improve the quality when project finally had budget to add new developers though.
comment Should I be concerned if I have nothing to do during an internship?
This was exactly what I did during my internship. I created an internal tool when my manager didn't assign me any work, and the tool got a lot of attention from the developers at different teams.
comment Is it “normal” for people to not work?
@Chad I didn't think so last year, but now I agree with you.
comment Is it “normal” for people to not work?
+1 for lack of motivation. I'm finding myself less and less motivated for my day job. I try to keep myself motivated as much as possible, but combination of factors such as frustrating deployment process (one line script change takes few weeks to deploy and involves too many teams in too many different timezones), slow development laptop (4300rmp HDD with disk encryption and mandatory system scan everyday), and little to no growth pay-wise. However, I am working with a great development team that keeps me motivated at certain level.
comment Do testers have to look at source code?
This is already a good answer, but to supplement, I would recommend watching this GTAC video: youtube.com/watch?v=cqwXUTjcabs