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comment How to avoid the pitfalls of static analysis
I took the test with a pinch of salt from the beginning, but it is not a tool to test programmers but a tool to test employers. I guess you could include apt coworkers as "best tools money can pay". And I take your answer to be throw the SA tools away, and hire and/or train better. The former point seems to be the common denominator.
comment Why is C not considered an 'object-oriented' language?
@DonalFellows, the actual message passing in Objective-C could be easily implemented as a C99 macro. The only thing that the compiler has going for it is that it generates all the necessary structures statically from a few lines of high level code. Most if not all features are available from the C API.
comment Overused or abused programming techniques
A GUI is at least some sort of specification code must adhere to. I don't think the programmers he describes would do any better if presented with a blank text file instead.
comment What default features is Windows missing that are required for programmers?
Powershell is a joke. Just better than cmd.exe As a programming language it might be better than the bourne shell. But who really programs using shell languages anymore? Windows lacks all the utilities that make Unix useful for programming. And -1 for the crappy terminal windows.
comment How do you prevent the piracy of your software?
@Kramii, if the cost of cracking the protection outweighs the benefits, you are trying to make money off the wrong product. Having so little users no one knows anything about cracking isn't a good business plan either.