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comment Is developing for a niche tablet market worth it?
Yeah, that's probably a good idea - write for a general target. I suppose I would have to get an Android test phone (as I have an iPhone) to make it work on those, at some point in the development process (not thrilled about paying for one of those, oh well though).
comment How do I pick up a new language quickly, given I know several others?
Well, the projects generally start out smaller and grow in complexity - from the simple "Hello World" app to a small and not very useful project, onwards to a full app. In terms of what aspects of the language I focus on, it depends on the applied use of the language - I never learn every API or framework to start (like with .NET for example). That would take far too long. I learn the core syntax, then branch out from there, researching each extension as needed. With a less modular language, like CSS or XSLT, I simply learn the most popular constructs first and add others as needed.