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comment Book on Information Technology Concepts for Developer
The "Beautiful" series of books is very informative, such as "Beautiful Code". I've never been let down by the knowledge provided by experts in each field examined in these books, and they have published a book "Beautiful Security". While I haven't read that particular book, I can say the series is absolutely superb (I was quite sad when O'Reilly pulled "Beautiful Maps" from the printing press before I bought a copy... very unfortunate). Also, the comment above gets +1 for recommending Wikipedia - great advice.
comment Is developing for a niche tablet market worth it?
Yeah, that's probably a good idea - write for a general target. I suppose I would have to get an Android test phone (as I have an iPhone) to make it work on those, at some point in the development process (not thrilled about paying for one of those, oh well though).
comment How do I pick up a new language quickly, given I know several others?
Well, the projects generally start out smaller and grow in complexity - from the simple "Hello World" app to a small and not very useful project, onwards to a full app. In terms of what aspects of the language I focus on, it depends on the applied use of the language - I never learn every API or framework to start (like with .NET for example). That would take far too long. I learn the core syntax, then branch out from there, researching each extension as needed. With a less modular language, like CSS or XSLT, I simply learn the most popular constructs first and add others as needed.