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I've been playing with computers since I was a kid. My first platform was a hand-me-down C64. I got in trouble for reading a C programming book in elementary school (we were supposed to be reading fiction). I always have a bunch of ongoing, personal, programming projects, but I never seem to finish any of them.



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comment What functionality does dynamic typing allow?
@spirc you can emulate ADTs in a classical OO language using multiple classes that all derive from a common interface, run-time calls to getClass() or GetType(), and equality checks. Or you can use double dispatch, but I think that pays off more in C++. So you might have a JSObject interface, and JSString, JSNumber, JSHash, and JSArray classes. You would then need some code to turn this "untyped" data structure into an "application typed" data structure. But you would probably want to do this in a dynamically-typed language, too.
comment What functionality does dynamic typing allow?
I don't understand your example. If you are talking about code which accepts unstructured input (i.e. a YAML string), it's true that the unstructured input has no statically-known structure, other than it is a string. However, part of the code in such a system would be to map the unstructured (string) data into a structured (object-based, perhaps) representation. And a useful language would have enough compile-time or run-time support to generate the code that does that conversion.
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