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C and C++ developer with a background in Software Assurance and system level security.

I haven't asked too many questions since Google usually provides me with what I'm looking for. Never the less, I have broken down and asked a few. I do try to answer questions when I have time since Google frequently directs me here. I figure I should at least contribute where I can to a site that's helped me so much.

My first attempt at creating a (somewhat) useful Android app:

Baby's First Game

Note to pedants! I will answer the question asked and try not to stray to far from topic. I may provide additional comments where they may be of benefit but I find too much detail, no matter how correct, tends to confuse more than help. If it is beyond the scope of the question, I will likely not include it. The amount of detail and wording will depend on my perceived skill level of the question asker. Instead of a downvote or snide comment, how about editing the answer to add what you think is missing. See this question and its answers for a prime example of this.

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