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comment Syntax for goto labels
There is precedent for using both name: type for variables and label: for labels in the same language - Pascal. This is somewhat helped by the fact that you can't declare variables inline; you have to do it in a var section - hence, it is easy to know if it's one or the other.
comment When learning Android, should I focus on the latest and greatest?
I wouldn't skip 2.2; the latest stats (see Mahmoud's post) indicate 30% of devices still use Froyo, and unless you have a really good reason, that's a fair number of users to exclude. This is partially because a fair number of phones didn't have an official upgrade path to Gingerbread - for example, the HTC Desire, which was a pretty popular model, can only be upgraded using an RUU image, meaning a wipe is required. (Granted, I'm slightly biased since I'm one of those people.)
comment Do you need to buy Visual Studio to develop/deploy an ASP.NET web application?
@CharlesChappell: Read the answer below that. The VS 2008 Express FAQ, which was the relevant one at the time of that post, explicitly stated that you're allowed to sell the stuff you make with it.
comment Do you need to buy Visual Studio to develop/deploy an ASP.NET web application?
@CharlesChappell: I just checked the C# and C++ Express EULAs, and there is no such clause in there. The oonly use of the word commercial is a bit about not being allowed to "use the software for commercial software hosting services", but that would be something along the lines of offering Visual Studio itself as a commercial service.