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comment Is the var token necessary to signal variable declaration?
It's also worth noting that 'var' in C# is a comparatively recent addition. Previously, you would have to declare the Type of the variable - e.g. DateTime myDateTime = .... . This is useful as it shows the intended type of the variable, so it's harder to get your types mixed up. Sadly, 'var' only shows your intent to declare a variable that will have it's type resolved later. This is useful for anonymous types (and LINQ queries are probably why this was introduced. See, but the overuse of this keyword is something I personally dislike.
comment Why can't the IT industry deliver large, faultless projects quickly as in other industries?
+1 on the immaturity of Software development. Civil Engineering has had a couple of thousand years to develop it's practices. Aerospace has had a hundred, and is based on other engineering disciplines. Software is still young. It's also normally poorly understood. People can build bridges over streams or make paper planes as kids - the same isn't really true of software.
comment Is it worth to learn Experimental Languages?
+1 on the comments on C#. There's plenty of jobs advertised asking for it.
comment Do your managers prefer to create proof of concept (POC) before working prototype?
@Baboon Or build your prototypes so that they can't be safely put into production. It's a prototype - feel free to cut corners! Just so long as it proves what you set out to prove. The less production ready it is, the faster you can build it, and the less likely it is that you have to go live with it. Fail early, fail fast.