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Ash Eldritch

I'm an experienced software engineer and entrepreneur, with broad interests and a great passion for tech. Originally from London, England, I've been travelling around the world for many years, and am currently building a Google Glass software startup.

My best bits: - Leading large n-tiered projects through full product life cycles. - Enterprise web product design and development, including user experience, full stack architecture, infrastructure. - System & business analysis. - Team recruiting, management and mentorship. - Client-facing work and pre-sales.

GitHub https://github.com/SoulAuctioneer

StackOverflow http://stackoverflow.com/users/265915/ash

Google+ https://plus.google.com/110804767917313603803

CoderWall: https://coderwall.com/soulauctioneer

Blog: http://www.superhumanlabs.com/blog/

YourShow: http://yourshow.superhumanlabs.com

Superhuman Labs: http://www.superhumanlabs.com