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I have been programming Video Games since I was a teenager in the 1980's and it's been my full-time job since the early 90's. I currently work on the Mortal Kombat Team at WB Games Chicago (our studio was Midway Games Chicago until WB Games purchased it in the summer of 2009). You can find me on facebook as well. Additionally I have an e-mail account at that well-known Google-Mail address with the same user name as on here.

comment Why are there so many string classes in the face of std::string?
@DeadMG - Visual Studio is not the only non-compliant compiler in the world. I work in video games and we are often working on custom compilers for unreleased hardware platforms (happens every few years in the console cycles or as new hardware appears). "Fairly recently" means today -- Right now certain compilers don't support templates well. I can't be specific without violating NDA's but I am currently working on a platform with custom toolchains where C++ support -- especially template compliance -- is considered to be "experimental".