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comment Is there a reason that tests aren't written inline with the code that they test?
Here is another language with an idea similar to doctest: D. It has unit tests as a built-in feature.
comment Why learn git when there are GUI apps for GitHub?
More accessible link to In the Beginning... Was the Command Line: pauillac.inria.fr/~weis/info/commandline.html
comment Single statement if block - braces or no?
@David, yes, I have seen this happen. I used to write my if block without braces if there was only one statement in it, assuming that anyone wanting to add more statements would be smart and attentive enough to add the curly braces, until someone did exactly what Neil described. That was what made me change my habit.
comment Best practices for web page styling with CSS?
That is not the W3 CSS tutorial, W3Schools is not affiliated in any way with the W3, and it is not a good site for several reasons. See w3fools.com for more information and w3fools.com/#what-should-be-done specifically for other places to learn about CSS.
comment Google Closure Compiler - what does the name mean?
Thank you. I was wondering if it was just a marketing name or if it was some tricky theoretical concept I didn't understand.
comment Google Closure Compiler - what does the name mean?
I tried researching it in the FAQ and documentation, as well as doing Google searches such as "closure compiler name". I couldn't find anything definite, hence the reason I am asking. I don't think I will get a profoundly helpful answer but I was hoping that I could at least satisfy my curiosity.