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Software developer with skills in Java, C#, PHP and Objective C languages. Might end up with objective C but not sure. Life unearths surprises everyday.
Currently working as web developer.

comment Why is C# ASP.NET generally not regarded as a rapid web development framework?
Conflicting terminology it is. Wikipedia's definition for Rapid means quick to action as against to long term planning while in plain English, for most people, it would mean decreasing application's incubation time.
comment What's the best way to manage list item sort order with Drag & Drop UI?
I should store the order on server-side. It doesnt matter if the order is stored on every drag-drop or by clicking a button once and for all.
comment What are the pros (and cons) of using “Sign in with Twitter/Facebook” for a new website?
I feel point 3 is gibberish. If someone grows well, he is likely creating ways for others to make money too.
comment Whats the best book to master OO language, say C#?
I will be definitely flipping thru C# in depth, but it gets priority 2. Only after Clean Code.
comment Whats the best book to master OO language, say C#?
@Randolf. That would be good one to learn C# specific things but how about the OO itself?