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19 year old computer science at the University of Windsor. I've worked in web development since I was 16, mainly local businesses and currently a start up company. I've taught myself HTML/CSS, PHP, and a bit of Javascript (although I admittedly dislike JS).

I like C++. Yeah I said it. I know some people think the syntax is ugly and complex, but I think it has a certain beauty to it when written correctly. Obviously poor code looks bad in any language =P (unless your language is Malbolge...which just looks...bad)

In addition to C++, I'm currently studying Scala, C#, Clojure, and sometimes Haskell. When I have time I work on problems from projecteuler.net, or answer peoples questions here!

When I'm not programming, I'm probably playing League of Legends, watching anime, or hanging out with friends.

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