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Coming off a time of experimental game designs, Java and PCG I'm now looking for work in Orange County, CA either in or out of the games business, please feel free to contact me if you have any referrals.

I'm a long time game programmer having worked on many shipped titles, a few AAA releases and one MMO so far. I'm a generalist and my credo has always been that if something needs doing to ship, I'll step up and learn what I need to to get it done.


comment Usefulness of “milestones” in agile development
+1 It's all about the customer. Sometimes the customer is your own marketing department, other teams like ops that need to support your code.
answered Usefulness of “milestones” in agile development
comment When interviewing programmers, are algorithm problem solving skills relevant for a job were solving such algoritm problems isn't normally needed?
@RobertHarvey, Assuming that the test is a sanity check and actually has some relevance to the job I agree with you. Leads forced into writing these kinds of questions for HR sometimes don't do such a great job, unfortunately.
answered Should integer divide by zero halt execution?
comment Writing my problem solving approach on paper?
That person is wrong. Most use shorthand like UML or pseudocode blocks, but whatever method you use has to work like your mind works and apparently yours needs paper =) I guess Feynman shouldn't be a physicist because he writes equations on the blackboard, right?
comment Refactoring c++
Kind of makes a good case for doing diligent design up front =) Just because agile-like methodologies let you dig 6 foot deep holes at each step to bury yourself in doesn't mean that you should run around digging holes before surveying the land and seeing whether you need holes in the first place.
comment One Scheduler vs. Many Schedulers
The only reason not to, other than clarity and ease of code maintenance into the future, would be that if any kind of conflict can arise from your 1..N schedulers all running their tasks simultaneously then you should not.
answered How many threads should access the file system at the same time?
comment Loose Coupling in Object Oriented Design
No option for Album being a Track factory, the created Track object which you then fill in through the ITrack interface? Maybe I misunderstand the scope of the question.
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comment What's with the aversion to documentation in the industry?
From a business standpoint reams of documentation is costing the company money here and now, when you could instead be working on the next project to make money. That need to always be producing profit is the pressure you feel against "wasting time" writing documentation. Plus, no one ever reads the docs and instead reads the sources because only they are the ultimate authority.
comment How to handle flag in multiple if-else's
The most important take-away from most of the answers below is that simplicity and legibility are far more important than clever tricks when it comes to logical flow and maintaining the code into the future.
comment Are There Any Programming Focused Notebooks?
@MatthewFrederick by that standard every piece of evidence can't ever serve a meaningful purpose in a court; this is why there are extremely harsh penalties against perjury, fraud, lieing on the stand, etc... to keep the price so high that leaving blank pages becomes not worth it.
comment Prevent anomalies caused by signal propagation time
The server is its own, self consistent universe. Clients request action, and for the sake of appearances pretend that action has started. Clients do not simulate the reaction and instead wait for the server to tell them what happened. The reason you cannot solve this in most hardware is that there is no central nexus (ie. the server) where transactions happen.
comment How do I Integrate a Former Team Member into the Current Team
Actively manage the existing team's (possible) concerns about why this guy was brought back in after abandoning the company and put in a managagement slot. Why were none of them put in that slot, etc... Since he is now a permanent employee again, what happens to their upward mobility, will you always hire from outside instead of raising from within, is this just an example of the "good old buddy" network taking care of their own, all sorts of issues that will probably be unspoken.
comment How useful is “rubber duck debugging”?
Excellent point - not just programmers but copywriters, editors, and I can name a few producers who have refined this to an art form =)
answered How useful is “rubber duck debugging”?
comment how to stay efficient when a build is almost always broken
+9000 for "Stop breaking the build." Seriously. The whole, entire point of continuous integration is to stop breaking the build and, if broken, fix it as fast and as close to the break as possible.
comment Choosing between Qt/C++ and .NET/C#
Qt works fine on mobile platforms, does it not?
answered How to manage document format changes with local storage?