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Currently working with QML/Qt and building seatback IFE for airlines. Turns out to be quite fun and since each project is a custom mix of hardware setup and client-driven features it also turns out to be always interesting.

Done building and updating tools for a new game engine. Lots of UX and all that jazz.

I am also EMT certified. Not currently active but will be looking for weekend volley or PRN opportunities later this year.

I'm a long time self taught game programmer having worked on many shipped titles, a number of published titles on various platforms and one cross-platform MMO so far.


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comment How to convincing Programmers that 'being in the zone' [coding] isn't always beneficial for the project?
The author is describing "tunnel vision" and not "the zone," or "Flow" like Rei linked to which is an understandable mistake for an amateur psychologist. I agree with all comments that think the project lacks design/direction and that focusing on a straw man like Zone is simply hiding the core problem.
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