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A computer science student from Bielefeld germany. Escpecially interested in overall software development, code quality improvement and a new view on programming problems.

Last interesting random snippet from a blog comment:

The tests are what the programmer should have done.

The code is what the programmer actually did.

The comments are what they thought they were doing.

comment What issues carry the highest risk in a software project?
I don't think software projects are unique. If you are developing a new car a new factory or a new software there shouldn't be a big difference. As long as you are doing something new, with creative and a little bit peculiar people that is not fully understood yet and the goals are not 100% clear. I think the problem with software projects is grown out of the old, gather requirements, code, deliver project cycle. This does not apply to the examples before a building has a maintenance plan, a new car is a research project not a simple write down work...
comment Finding the time to program in your spare time?
And that hasn't be a bad thing. If your pet projects suffer because you spending time with your family this should be considered perfectly fine :)