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A Java/JEE programmer with decent javascript and CSS knowledge.
Interested in everything about computers and programming.
I also do (did) (very) casual VB6 programming, started with C# very recently for hobby.

comment Extremely trivial C++ phone interview question
@Erik you may want to give the answers too... for the benefit for the potential interviewees, so that it evens out and puts @kena in the same place back ;-)
comment Does anyone prefer proportional fonts?
@David, yes, he is presenting code. But, it is presented for "reading" and the very question of fixed vs proportional is for "reading" code, IMHO.
comment How do I constructively and professionally deal with anger when I'm on the job?
+1 for Nap.....
comment Is this a good idea to use humour during a job interview?
+1: remember cultural differences.
comment What's the worst programming book you've ever read?
@MAK I completely agree. I had a copy, and I became no Java guru with this book. What I meant was this book is considered a great one in some universities here. I and thats bad news because thats where people start learning these stuff, and whatever book the professor suggests is considered good. I myself don't like this book.
comment What's the worst programming book you've ever read?
+1 for the swcond one. This book is not known outside India at all, but is quite famous in universities in south india. Perhsps the fact that the author was the vice chancellor of a university helped this fame. The contents are more like it was written by someone who just completed a semester in C++.
comment What's the worst programming book you've ever read?
Someone once said "If you want to before a java guru, this is the book for you". Some professor once remarked "This is an advanced book. Read it after knowing the basics of Java". The "Complete Reference" tag has a great influence on college goers and professors in India.
comment How do you deal with people who ask you to fix their computer?
@mouviciel, tell him you too just switched, from mac to windows, and don't want to remember any of the ugly past.