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comment How do I convince my fellow devs to WANT to add comments to source code commits?
There's the old close code "WAD" - Working As Designed. There's also the joke close code "WAC" - Working As Coded. It's nice to be able to tell the difference.
comment How do I prepare for an interview with a jack-of-all-trades CV?
I'd just add to Rachel's advice that even if you can just show that you have looked the company up and know a little about them shows a good attitude - bit of initiative and interest
comment Should I focus on getting certified?
+1 he has C++ which is always in demand (heavily in the UK) and if having trouble getting a job I'd thikn he's not selling himself well. Eg maybe doesn't know to tailor his CV (resume) for each job applied for - usually just needs a bit fo a tweak to emphasize how you match the job spec. You might the comments on this article interesting theregister.co.uk/2010/11/01/…