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Senior developer and Provoke Solutions Technical Specialist/Animal doing C#/.NET. Also did some iOS/Objective-C and Java/GWT in a previous life.

Microsoft MVP for C# since 2009.

When I'm not coding, I do a little photography. Check out my Flickr photostream.

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comment Public Speaking in software development
@Carson63000 LOL that's an awesome way to put it :)
comment Effectively Learning 3 Languages Simultaneously
But in the university and even at work you have some sort of guidance you will have to follow, like a syllabus, or a project requirement. When doing this on your own it's quite flaky unless you make a guide on what you want to accomplish.
comment What can I do to get better at estimating how long projects are going to take?
Why should that be a deterrent? Do (building) architects take one day to make an estimate for putting up a skyscraper? I don't think so.