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comment How to morph from a programmer noob to a guru?
even better - a database is just a filing cabinet
comment What is the preferred strategy for editing data from a database?
do not use a hex editor! found that out the hard way! (:-D)
comment ERP/CRM Systems. Desktop Based ? Web based?
A good desktop application framework (doesn't exist yet) will nullify all of the mentioned "advantages" of web apps. I wouldn't drive a diesel over petrol even if it came with free servicing. It just sounds ugly. Likewise, web apps can never be more responsive than their desktop counterparts. If my favourite car is only available in diesel then I guess I have no choice, but you can bet your house I'll be switching to the petrol model as soon as it's made available. :-)
comment Is it still worth learning desktop gui development?
It's always harder to do things with tools that are more limited, that doesn't make it "more complex". It makes it more of a hassle.