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comment If a story is de-scoped during the iteration then what to do with its estimate/size?
I've updated my earlier comment! May you read it.
comment If a story is de-scoped during the iteration then what to do with its estimate/size?
Again it depends :P When we pick a story for an iteration and during the iteration we realize that the story has to be de-scoped for whatever reason, we first get the concurrence within the team on the complexity and then get client's concurrence on it. Typically, we have been doing it either at the iteration beginning and sometimes we do it in the middle of an iteration when we started playing the story. I don't see a point or situation as to why you would think of descoping a story after an iteration.
comment To design pattern, or not to design pattern
It depends not on the size of your project but on what problem you are trying to solve. Employing a design pattern for the sake of using it, is a bad bad thing, whether it is small/medium/big project. On the other hand, if by implementing a design pattern, you address a particular problem, then that is the right attitude and cool thing, irrespective of the project size. It is the intent that is important.
comment Is there a such thing as a Program Manager for Outsourcing Companies?
Having worked in three different companies in different capacities, I would say that every company has its own set of practices and expectation settings for different roles. In fact, the titles "Program Manager", "Technical Lead", "Senior Member", etc could all be different or same depending on the company - those are mere titles ;)
comment Social Impact projects
You ask, "Any idea which projects we can look at?" and then go about mentioning some of the open sourced social impact project yourself - OpenMRS, RapidFTR, FrontlineSMS etc. Confused! What is it that you are asking for or wanting to know? May you please refine your question.
comment How to decide maintenance cost/terms for freelance work?
is right - SETTING EXPECTATIONS IS EVERYTHING. Based on my experience of freelancing, I share his view and upvote his answer ;)
comment I'm a manager. How can I improve work relationships and communication with programmers?
@bethlakshmi, as always you put in earnest efforts to stretch so as to communicate things as clearly and comprehensively as possible. Your answer is certainly worth being a wiki.
comment Are RAD tools worth the trouble?
So here is the thing with any RAD tool - it is not meant to save you from learning the underlying technology; on the other hand, it does save you big time in automating the grunt work which you otherwise have to do on your own every single time. It is for this reason that I have said you should try learning the underlying technology and do a sample use case so that you appreciate how much of grunt work the RAD tool does and saves your time.
comment How often should you change pairs?
Appreciate your question. Please do read my answer to similar question posted at‌​-pros-and-cons/90527#90527