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comment Does anyone make money with turnkey software versions of costly software?
Joel On Software has written several articles over the year on pricing and support and his strategy for pricing on the low-end. These are fun reads that may or may not apply to your goals. joelonsoftware.com/articles/FogBugzI.html joelonsoftware.com/articles/CamelsandRubberDuckies.html
comment How can I salvage my internship?
This is an easy question to answer. "I enjoyed working at X and I learned a lot during my internship. However, they are not a software development company. So I don't think I would grow my engineering skills that well by staying there. I would rather be working with other software developers and have projects that are more collaborative."
comment Introducing design concepts/patterns/principles to co-workers
What did you ultimately decide to do?
comment Why exclusively UNIX is taught at universities' operating systems courses?
There are far more Windows installations than there are UNIX machines (at least for desktop PCs). So it's hard to dismiss Windows as "not standard". Further, there are plenty of books on the internals of Windows written by devs on the windows kernel team. But those books aren't textbooks, and UNIX is far more in line with basic OS concepts. That and #5 is a very fair point.