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comment What are some good, simple examples for queues?
IMO, the easiest examples are the ones we encounter in life. A 'line' example is a great representation of a queue and should help your students learn. In fact, when I think of queue's and how their operations are defined, I often think of the 'line' example to help me visual it better.
comment How do you maintain focus when a particular aspect of programming takes 10+ seconds to complete?
Can't help but link xkcd.com/303
comment How to avoid “DO YOU HAZ TEH CODEZ” situations?
IMO, it's the best option. It leaves a paper trail, as well as forcing him to actually think and write before just blurting out things.
comment How to protect source code from remote developers?
This answers Well. Use something to protect against damage(Source Control), and then something to protect against theft(NDA).
comment Why is it so difficult to get a programming job?
Are you listing on your resume that you're an undergraduate? If not, that could be why they kick you out. That might be a sign to the company that you might just leave them after achieving a degree, or that you could only work part time.
comment Writing documentation for well understood methods like equals in Java
Your last statement is the best reason for documenting it yourself. Explain what it's doing. Sure equal() might compare every element in the class, or you may want it to just compare all the string fields, or something else.