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comment How to code review without offending other developers
As someone who spends a lot of professional time code-reviewing, #3 x 1,000. Always explain why, even if it is the most obvious thing in the world to the most junior team member, always give a rationale for a suggested change. Eliminates the majority of problems.
comment Understanding comparison using Big O notation
The discussion was about adding new elements where the array has to be shifted around but the linked list can just change two pointers
comment USB software protection dongle for Java with an SDK which is cross-platform “for real”. Does it exist?
Dongles are like video game copy protection. All they do is make the honest people who want to pay you miserable. Who even has physical servers anymore that you can plug one into? I spend $50,000 on redundant VM clusters for HA but have single points of failure cause some library needs a physical computer with a dongle in it? no thanks.
comment Adding complexity to remove duplicate code
An overly micro-application of concepts like DRY and Code Reuse leads to far greater sins.
comment What was SOAP invented for?
A consultant somewhere used an enterprise information system that was fast and responsive, seeing their revenue evaporating, they invented a standard with brutally slow overhead to recommend to management. It has XMLs they said! XMLs are good, and enterprise! The permanent developers were powerless to resist. Now the consultant has an endless revenue stream making performance tweaks on the glacier-like ESB and the world is right again.
comment How do you learn Regular Expressions?
+100,000 One of the best technical books ever, and conveniently about the topic of the question.
comment How do you know if you've split your domain correctly
You know when you look back on it in about 12 years.
comment How do I deal with a slow and undedicated colleague in the team?
+1 for srs. I realize the format is answer the question that was asked, but everybody seems really happy to trashtalk party B after hearing one side of a story that involves at least three people. Maybe party B's output level has been completely satisfactory and in line with his level of compensation for years until new guy who likes to stay at the office 12 hrs and talk about how undedicated everyone else is showed up?
comment Why does Microsoft charge a fortune for its developer tools?
If they gave it away we'd all accuse them of leveraging their cash wealth to drive the smaller players out of the market and expand the monopoly.
comment Will staying in this position affect my career negatively?
Until you stagnate enough that it leads to highly paid consulting gigs as the only person left on the continent who knows the technology! :)