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I work for WV WV Office of EMS as a programmer and web developer. I've been programming since I was twelve. I use C#, Python, VB.net, VBA, VB6, C, C++ and SQL mostly.

comment Why is verbosity bad for a programming language?
Oded, End-If is a much easier-to-understand construct for the end of a if-statement than brackets when the brackets are nestled inside of another if-statement, inside a loop, inside another loop, inside a function that is inside a class. All of the aforementioned blocks use the same brackets, meaning that trying to figure out which one a particular end-bracket matches less intuitive.
comment Assembly in a research paper
Yes, I mean that very few people would sit down and hammer out a compiler in assembly if a C compiler exists for the hardware. There are always exceptions, however.
comment My boss wants a narrated line-by-line English explanation of our code
When a manager gives me an unreasonable request, I first try to argue the point, then give him what he wants. In this case, a single function or module would suffice to show him that he is asking for something he doesn't really want.
comment When do you know it's time to move on from your current job?
+1 for considering family! Many times, discussions of employment never touch family.
comment Importance of hobby projects
There is a dearth of "Yet another..." projects in the open source space precisely because of "everything I can think of has already been done."
comment Ashamed to admit using jQuery?
+1 for autominification.
comment Why should I write all the Statements within Try-Catch?
+1 for logging. Programs in the wild are black boxes. When they fail, a log saying "Here's what happened" goes a very long way to solving the problem. I've had errors in my programs that went unreported, and they were uncovered only after I found them in the log.
comment What can multiple threads do that a single thread cannot?
+1 for a Church-Turing Conjecture reference!