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I'm a long-time programmer (began approximately at age 9). I have worked quite some time in Web design and sysadmin.

I have been a Lisp fanatic for a few years now.

comment How much time do you / is acceptable to waste?
There was actually a poll about that on the Pomodoro website a few years ago, I think. It's up to you, but just going to the kitchen, boil some water and making a tea can take almost five minutes, as well as going to the loo. When I stay at my computer, I sometime watch 5 or 15 minutes of a movie (and this way, no part of the movie is boring, that's actually the best way to watch some movies). I also did some juggling, and improved a lot while working very hard...
comment Why don't all companies buy developers the best hardware?
"This must be wrong - we can't possibly be that stupid" err, guess again! :-D